Harmonica Links

Harmonica Links

A Message from Lee:

While we have endeavored to provide complete, in-depth information about our products on our Web Site, we cannot possibly answer every question on the subjects of harmonica and harmonica playing. Below we have provided a list of links for those who are interested in the further exploration of these subjects. Also, in the event that you are unable to locate a retail outlet in your area that carries our products, we have provided a list of places on the net where our harmonicas are available for direct purchase.

Harmonica Resources


  • Incorporating Harmonica Play With Other Instruments. Educational resource and complimentary site to LEEOSKAR.COM


  • Learning to play harmonica with Steve Lockwood


  • Excellent site for learning to play harmonica.


  • A resource to learn more about playing the harmonica.


  • The most complete links site to everything harmonica on the web.


  • This internet discussion group covers just about everything anyone would ever want to know about even the most esoteric aspects of harmonica playing. The knowledgeable members of this group are able to answer almost any question related to the subject of harmonica playing.

Commercial Websites Offering Lee Oskar Harmonicas Online