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Lee Oskar Congratulates Tombo on 100 years of quality manufacturing!


Lee is on his way to Japan to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Tombo Manufacturing at the company’s headquarters. Check out this recent story in Music and Sound Retailer quoting Lee about this exciting milestone occasion for our manufacturing partner!


“I am greatly honored to have Tombo Musical Instruments as the premier manufacturer of Lee Oskar Harmonicas since their inception. Thanks to the talent, support, perseverance and overall dedication to excellence of the entire TOMBO team, the superb quality of Lee Oskar Harmonicas has been made possible.”
~Lee Oskar


Lee Oskar and TOMBO kicked off the 100 year anniversary at Music China


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Music China

October, 11-14

Lee Oskar & Tombo

Celebrating Tombo’s100th Anniversary
Saturday | October, 21
Tokyo, Japan


Lee joins the Playing for Change Band for two nights only!



  • Kenneth Byrd
  • Sara Patterson
  • Clayton Callaway
  • Rich Franck
  • Rhonda Harris

Winners are drawn each month to receive an autographed Lee Oskar Harmonica, in the key and tuning of their choice!


The Harmonic Minor harmonica, with its five altered notes, is the traditional minor tuning for diatonic harmonicas, ideal for playing minor ethnic music.

The Harmonic Minor produces a distinctive sound, suitable for playing many different musical genres, such as gypsy, Yiddish, Asian, Eastern European, tango and reggae music.

In this short video featuring Lee Oskar Harmonicas artist Randy McQuay, you will see how easy it is to play a minor scale, blow to play an Am chord, draw on the lower half of the harmonica to play an E7 chord, and then combine with the guitar strumming different rhythmic patterns.

You can try playing guitar along with the harmonica to play an Eastern European slow waltz, an oompah rhythm and a tango rhythm.

Check out how enjoyable and easy it is to explore different cultural styles and get a soulful, international sound to your music!

Watch the lesson below, and for more, visit leeoskarquickguide.com.

Lee Oskar Harmonicas now available in Brazil!
Steve Lockwood Online Harmonica Lessons

Check out Steve’s Newsletter for more info on all things harmonica!

Lee Oskar Harmonicas is a proud supporter of amazing non-profit organizations!


LOH Featured Artist – Brian Collins

Get ready for the 3rd Annual Shine a Little Love Fest October 19th-22nd, South Carolina! Join in on the music, fun and festivities! Bring your friends and meet many new ones as we Shine the Love in the Isle of Palms, SC with some amazing music.  All the details are here

Shine A Little Love Fest, is a live music experience for the benefit of the Parkinson’s Research at M.U.S.C., while providing a platform of awareness for non-profits.


LOH Featured Artist – Stacy Jones – 
Releases her latest CD

Although Stacy is still relatively young, this is her seventh album release. A multi-instrumentalist, Stacy plays acoustic, rhythm guitar and dobro, harmonica, Hammond B3 and tack piano on this record, as well as all lead vocals. Check out Stacy’s newest CD here

LOH Featured Artist – Laura Reed  – 

Laura has been in the studio cooking up new music. And she’s finally ready to share it with the public.


LOH Featured Artist – Sofie Reed  – 

Sofie released her latest CD! Aafter five years touring as a ‘One Woman Band’ – She has expanded her act in duo with the legendary Russell Jackson, former bassist of the B.B. King Band. Explore her music here.

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