Lee Oskar Spotlight on Funky Rhetoric – Vents Magazine

Lee Oskar Spotlight on Funky Rhetoric – Vents Magazine

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What is the main message of Funky Rhetoric”?

The main message is that rhetoric can be dangerous if you don’t think the words all the way through. People can say almost anything and it could make sense in the moment, but if you don’t dig in to find out the whole story, the full truth and the depths of the matter at hand, then you can get sucked in, and thrown off! You can get stuck between what you want something to be, what you want to hear or what someone wants to have you believe, and what it actually is all about. “Funky Rhetoric” takes a lighter look at this heavy topic. It’s meant to inspire people to go deeper when they hear that rhetoric.

How was the composing process for Funky Rhetoric”? 

When something inspires me, I am in the zone, in the moment. Anytime I compose, I am already in that zone. I’ve always played the kind of groove that’s in “Funky Rhetoric,” and creating the catchy hookline with that groove were most important for me, and then the full composition took on a life of its own.

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