Lee Oskar Releases New Official Music Video – Funky Rhetoric

Lee Oskar Releases New Official Music Video – Funky Rhetoric

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New Release Alert: Lee Oskar’s “Funky Rhetoric” is Out Now!

🎉 Exciting News! 🎶 Let’s celebrate the world video premiere of “Funky Rhetoric” by Lee Oskar! 🕺🔥⁣ ⁣
Immerse yourself in the groove and let the rhythm speak your truth. 🎵🎤⁣ ⁣
Don’t allow the noise of rhetoric to bring you down. 🚫 Let the music uplift your spirits and set your soul free. 🌟 ⁣ ⁣
Tune in to the link below for the full video and have some fun! 🎉🎶

People all over the world have already been moving and grooving to the rhythms and sounds of one toe-tapping track from She Said Mahalo that was recently released as a single, titled, Funky Rhetoric, which was accompanied by a riveting music video that premiered worldwide on American Blues Scene on August 14.

The Funky Rhetoric Music Video is described this way: “A tasty morsel of bread running up to the release of She Said Mahalo, Lee Oskar’s new single “Funky Rhetoric” is a funk-pop magnum opus for our celebrated master of harmonica. Over a bluesy, funky, and infinitely danceable groove, Oskar blows and croons out expressive, curious, and joyful runs of melodic genius. The lyric-less composition is Oskar’s refutation of the empty rhetoric of our days. Instead of throwing more words into the picture, he invites us to feel. And you’ll hardly be able not to feel, smile, or move your hips once he starts finessing his holy harmonica.”

“Dive further into the mind and sonic vibrations of Lee Oskar with the music video for “Funky Rhetoric.” Directed by long-time collaborator Dmitri Antos, the video cuts between scenes of Lee caressing his harmonica with his esteemed backing band and scenes of modern strife and conflict. Below, Antos translates Oskar’s funky riffs into a poetic reflection on the state of the world, eventually pointing towards music and community as our universal salve. After a rising sense of mania, the composition, poem, and video all turn towards peace, harmony, and unity as we encounter scenes of dancing children, natural wonders, and even an ecstatically joyful alien (don’t miss it). Put on Lee Oskar’s “Funky Rhetoric.” Feel heard. Feel joy. Then boogie.”

To experience the magic firsthand, we invite you to listen to “Funky Rhetoric” today. You can find the single on all major music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more.

Check out the first single “Funk Rhetoric” available streaming on all platforms here:

Stream Funky Rhetoric

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Thank you for your continued support of Lee Oskar’s incredible musical journey. We hope “Funky Rhetoric” brings joy, energy, and a whole lot of funk into your day!

Wishing you a rhythm-filled day ahead.

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