Lee Oskar Interview with Terry Dockery

Lee Oskar Interview with Terry Dockery of The Resolve Firm

Lee Oskar wears many hats in life…as a musician, composer, producer, visual artist, harmonica manufacturer and Founder/President of Lee Oskar Harmonicas! Throughout his colorful career and life story, Lee has pursued his many passions and gained many insights along the way— spanning the worlds of music, art, manufacturing and enterprise.

In this fascinating interview featuring Lee on an episode of “CEO’s Solve the Darndest Things” with Terry Dockery, PhD, Lee shares his ideas about running a successful business. Among the topics covered are the role of strategic marketing, advertising, and sales, and the importance of telling the right stories with finesse to properly represent your products. Enjoy this conversation with Lee for a glimpse into the man behind the Lee Oskar Harmonicas brand!

Author: dantos

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