Lee Oskar Harmonicas 40th Anniversary

There’s Integrity Along With The Business’ – Lee Oskar Harmonicas at 40

by Christian Wismuller (MMR Magazine)

When you’re a harmonica brand, it certainly doesn’t hurt to be able to leverage the well-known name of one of the instrument’s most skilled practitioners. Lee Oskar Harmonicas have been connecting with players of all styles and ability levels for four decades now, thanks not only to the fame of the company’s namesake, but also due to universal acclaim for the design and high quality construction of these compact free wind instruments.

Crafted by Tombo Manufacturing of Japan, Lee Oscar Harmonicas are recognized the world over for attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship. Additionally, Oskar’s groundbreaking interchangeable system of reed plates, combs, and cover plates set these instruments apart from the pack. While much of the general public associates “Lee Oskar” with legendarily virtuosic playing and the music of the funk/jazz group WAR, musicians and folks in the MI industry associate the name equally with superior products and a dedication to excellence.

MMR recently spoke with Oskar about the company he founded back in 1983, the recently released Mick Jagger limited edition harmonica, bouncing back from the pandemic, and more.

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Author: dantos

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