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Sofie Reed

Lee Oskar Harmonicas - Featured Artist Sofie Reed

Sofie Reed is a self-taught, independent, international touring grassroots artist whose unique, soulful style is loved and appreciated all over the world. Through a rich creative journey spanning three decades, Sofie has evolved as a vocalist, composer and one-of-a-kind musical visionary.

Her musical style encompasses roots-blues, folk-blues and even roots-appalachian-with-a-dalecarlian-twist. However it’s termed, Sofie thrills audiences all over the world with her extraordinary artistry.

Sofie left Ludvika, Sweden as an eighteen year-old young adult in1987. She settled in the ghettos of Minneapolis on her own. For several years, she freelanced as a stylist within the local music scene, until one of her clients, Sheila Charles, daughter of Ray Charles, hired her as a back-up singer. That pivotal encounter led to Sofie performing session work throughout the Twin Cities, followed by performances with her former husband, fingerstyle guitarist Preston Reed. Eventually, she left Minneapolis and moved to Colorado.

Chris Kresge of the Rocky Mountain Music Network comments, “Over the past decade, living in the foothills west of Denver, Sofie’s many experiences as a lone Swedish immigrant in a foreign culture have allowed her to create an intriguing and colorful story, reflected in her unique approach to her music and performance.”

Sofie’s has recorded three CD’s, including: Red Hen (2014); Simplicity Chased Trouble Away (2012) and Baby Boo Got Gone (2004).

She proudly plays Lee Oskar Harmonicas, McSpadden Mountain Dulcimers, Lap Steel Guitar, Ukulele. and she stomps her foot on an old wooden wine box!

In the words of Lee Oskar, “Sofie Reed is a multi-talented artist who gives so much of herself as a performer. With varied talents as an incredible, soulful singer and instrumentalist, Sofie also plays the harmonica. She is a phenomenal one-woman band! Her sense of rhythm, phrasing and overall artistry make her one of the most interesting artists on the international music scene today. I’m thrilled that she plays Lee Oskar Harmonicas as she sure knows how to bring my favorite instrument to life with finesse, flair and great feeling.”

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