Lee Oskar Harmonicas – Featured Artist

Mirian Asuad

Lee Oskar Harmonicas - Featured Artist Mirian Asuad

Mirian Asuad was born in Mercedes Corrientes, Argentina.

At the early age of seven, she began to sing and play guitar, and immediately began to participate in the festivals at her hometown schools. By age ten, she was playing the guitar and the harmonica at the same time; something unique for the times.

Mirian made her first presentation as part of the Paiubre Cultural Embassy, ​​celebrating their 150th anniversary of her hometown, on the main stage of Buenos Aires, “El Luna Park”. She continued performing at radio and TV events, throughout her country and she found herself in the company of various figures of National Folklore such as the Vera sisters, with whom she had the opportunity to perform together with Chúcaro and Norma Viola, Ramona Galarza, Toquiño, and others.

In 1998 Mirian became the exclusive artist of the official Peña del Litoral in Cosquín Cordoba and that same year she became one of Argentina’s first Lee Oskar Harmonicas Featured Artists, her preferred harmonicas to this day.

Mirian is known for keeping the Chamamé folk music of her country alive. She has been honored to represent her music with several well-known artists such as León Gieco, Cesar Banana Pueyrredon, Lee Oskar and many other well-known musicians throughout all of Argentina.

Mirian has recorded 6 CDs and had created and conducts her own radio program “Our Identity” a Cultural Folkloric Program on the air now for 28 Years. Available world-wide at www.fmcardinalcristi.com.ar


Contacts: mirianasuad@gmail.com

Facebook: Mirian Asuad

Website: mirianasuad.com.ar

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