Lee Oskar Harmonicas – Featured Artist

Michal Adler

Lee Oskar Harmonicas - Featured Artist Michal Adler

Michal Adler, virtuoso chromatic harmonica soloist from Israel, has continued the tradition of her father, Danny Adler, founder of the world-renowned band The Adler Trio. Michal was honored as second generation member in the band from 2000 to 2016. She also performs in various ensembles in Israel and abroad with her husband, Shlomo Gronich, a renowned Israeli composer, singer, songwriter, arranger, and choir conductor.

As a soloist, Michal’s musical talents have earned well-deserved acclaim. She has appeared as a featured artist on numerous television shows, and participates often in recordings for movies and theater, as well as live broadcasts of official ceremonies on Israel TV ed-hrvatski.com/. She is also preparing a show for children with stories & songs, as well as a upcoming show featuring a string duo and a balalaika player.

Michal is currently working on breaking out with her own style and branding as a harmonica player.

When it comes to harmonica players she admires, Adler has some favorites, including, not surprisingly, her father. “I love my father’s tone. But as far as groove goes, there’s a harmonica player named Toots Thielemans who’s amazing,” she says in reference to the legendary Belgian player. She is also a huge fan of her harmonica idol, Lee Oskar. And most recently, Michal has newly begun to explore composing and performing her own style of music using the Lee Oskar 10-hole diatonic harmonicas in the four tunings. In the words of Michal Adler:

“I have played the chromatic harmonica all my life, it is in my blood. I get the magic from my father and my grandfather, who both played the chromatic harmonica. As I was later invited to many worldwide harmonica festivals, I was introduced to other harmonica players with many styles and techniques. When I observed Lee Oskar for the first time, I was amazed! I had never heard anything like it; it was as if he was singing through his harmonicas. I had the pleasure to be introduced to him, and I told him how excited I was to hear such a unique and beautiful style of harmonica playing. Lee was so kind and he gave me a Lee Oskar Harmonica as a gift. I had to try it out for myself. I was amazed at how easy it was to play, from the very first blow. Now, I am experimenting with his altered tunings and the learning comes so unbelievably easy and naturally.

I am still a chromatic player, but now I combine my Lee Oskar Harmonicas all the time, they offer me a whole new world of music. I love to discover new styles and techniques and compose music using both my chromatic and my Lee Oskar altered tunings. It has been absolutely fantastic for me. I would have never had thought about it, had I not heard Lee Oskar that night, singing so beautifully through his harmonicas. It opened my mind and open a new passage in my career. Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude.”

Michal is currently working on her new CD, as well as an upcoming show featuring a string duo, and is excited to share her most recent musical explorations with the world. You can review her recent videos on her YouTube Channel.

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