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Billy Watson

Billy Watson - Lee Oskar Harmonicas Featured Artist

You never quite know what you are going to get with bluesman Billy Watson. The singer/harmonica player might drill down deep one time with some grinding blues shuffles. He might drive people onto the dance floor with some quickstep boogie or swing. Or, he might just caress some eerie sounds that would fit in with a 3 a.m. monster movie.

You can be assured, though, he will be entertaining.

Billy Watson is a full-on entertainer, a performance artist by the phrase’s very definition. He has a great reverence for blues tradition and honors it with not just his musical skills, but his ability to get the audience to have fun. After all, blues wasn’t invented to make you sad. It was invented to make you happy.

Billy is a spontaneous musician. He brings whatever tools he has in his arsenal to create fun. Sometimes, it’s Billy alone with his harmonica, or other times it can be the army of musicians known as his International Silver-String Submarine Band, or any combination in between. His goal is to make each show original, tapping into the talents of whatever musicians he has chosen to play that day. He is determined to do that, and his relentless energy leaves no wiggle room to escape.

Billy also is a double-barrel artist. Not only is he a talented singer, harmonica player and bandleader, but he is an artist whose paintings reflect the life around his Escondido, San Diego CA home.

For more info on Billy Watson visit: www.billywatson.com

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