We want to help you find our products

Any retailer in the U.S., Canada and other countries around the world can obtain any of our products from our network of industry wholesalers. Every major musical instrument wholesaler carries Lee Oskar Harmonicas and our accessories.  Outside of the US and Canada, we have quality wholesale distributors offering our products to retailers in most countries. We have provided a list of the wholesalers that carry our products on our Distributor Info page.

Since we do not sell to retailers directly, we recommend that you call a few stores in your area and ask if they carry Lee Oskar Harmonicas. You shouldn't have a problem finding a retailer that stocks our products or is willing to order them for you. 

The Order Form on our website lists all the suggested retail prices for our products in the US. The prices at retail stores can vary. Some retailers offer discounts, some don't. To get the most competitive prices, it is best to buy from retailers, rather than directly from our company, as we cannot offer discounts to our customers. This would be competing unfairly with our retailers.

To find a retailer in your area who carries our products, or who is willing to order them for you, please use the search feature below

We hope this information is helpful and eliminates any frustration you may have over not being able to find our products.

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