State Of The Harp Technology!


  • Hi-Tech, Slide Together Interlocking Boxes
    • For carrying convenience and fast, easy indexing. Each tuning is color-coded.
  • Plastic Comb
    • Eliminates swelling and shrinkage and projects a louder brighter sound. Wide chambers and narrow dividers for ease of playing. Precision-molded, recessed bed holds reed plates securely and prevents air leakage.
  • First and Second Positions Clearly Identified
    • At both ends of the comb.
  • Replaceable Reed Plates
    • Top quality brass. Mounted to the comb with only 3 Self-Tapping-Screws.
  • Tuned to 441 Plus
    • For a brighter sound
  • Equal Tuning by Octaves
    • Excellent for single-note lead playing