State Of The Harp Technology!


Designed by a PRO to be practical, economical and very simple to maintain and repair!

Why throw out
the whole harmonica just because one reed has become fatigued?

Lee Oskar provides players with a better option. Replaceable reed plates make it easy to create a "new" harmonica at about half the cost!

Original comb and cover plates are recycled into the rebuilt harp. This simple process involves only three screws and two nuts and bolts.

Now that makes a lot of sense!

Replacement Reed Plates in every key are an exclusive feature of Lee Oskar Harmonicas

Lee Oskar Replaceable Reed Plates


Available Keys listed from low to high
Major Diatonic Reed Plates
14 Keys

Lo F, G, Ab, A, Bb, B, C, Db, D, Eb, E, F, F#, Hi G

Melody Maker™ Reed Plates
5 Keys

C, D, E, G, A

Natural Minor Reed Plates
12 Keys

Dm, Ebm, Em, Fm, F#m, Gm, Abm, Am, Bbm, Bm, Cm, Dbm

Harmonic Minor Reed Plates
12 Keys

Gm, Abm, Am, Bbm, Bm, Cm, Dbm, Dm, Ebm, Em, Fm, F#m

Lee Oskar Replaceable Cover Plates

Cover Plates

Stainless steel. Corrosion free.
Model#: 10CP

Lee Oskar Replacement Comb


Fits all Lee Oskar reed plates. Air-tight design.
Plastic eliminates swelling/shrinking.

Model#: 10CB

Lee Oskar Replacement Box


High-tech, slide-together, interlocking boxes.
Model#: 10B

Lee Oskar Harmonica Holder Rack

Harmonica Holder (Rack)

Fits around neck for hands-free playing.
Model#: 10HH

Lee Oskar Oskamonica Key Chain


Mini 4-hole with key chain. Key of C.
Model#: LO4

Lee Oskar Harmonica Soft Case

Harmonica Soft Case

Zippered nylon case, holds seven harps.
Model#: LOHP

Lee Oskar Toolkit and Maintenance Guide

Lee Oskar Tool Kit and Instruction Manual

Whether simply replacing reed plates or actually tuning and adjusting reeds, this tool kit is an absolute must for every serious harmonica player.
Model#: LOTK